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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  February 15, 2013 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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506 people killed last year, up from 435eople t year before. the white house says the economy will be number one on the president's agenda, but the president is also expected to push for stricter gun laws. it will be the first time he's taken up the issue during his three-day post-state of the union tour. before leaving for chicago, the president got limb emotional at the presidential citizens medal ceremony at the white house. he handed out posthumous awards to the families of six administrators killed protecting the children of those at the sandy hook massacre. >> they gave all to the most innocent among us, that's what we honor today, the courageous heart, the selfless pete leslel inspiring actions of extraordinary americans. >> last night the president
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called for a ban on weapons. >> people are going to be able to buy all kinds of guns and use them legally for protection, for sport, for hunting. there may be a small category of weapons that can drastically increase the incidence of gun violence. >> thank you so much congress janikowski for your time. in chicago, the crime rate, i've watched it tick up for years. the mayor talked about the lax gun laws. gun trafficking is something we have not talked a lot about. what do you think the president needs to say today? >> well, he's going to acknowledge the fact that in chicago there are the strongest -- very strong gun
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la laws, but people can go to city boreds other to indiana, right across the state borders and buy without a background check all the groups that they want. that is exactly why we need national regulations, why we need universal background checks. the accessibility of guns is just too much. >> it's interesting, i was talking with a republican conservative from louisiana yesterday and he's watched this debate from both sides. we were discussing universal background checks and during our conversation, it really hit home to him the notion that someone can go to a private owner or a gun show and buy a gun, a weapon, without any i.d., without any background check i should say. 92% of americans, including nra members support this. why do you believe the nra is still defiant, at least on universal background checks where people cannot just walk to a gun show or walk to a private
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home and walk away with a weapon? >> the answer is really simple, tamron. the leadership of the nra, the top executives of the nra, their business is helping the ma manufacturers, their organizational supporters, to sell more guns. so they're interested in more purchases, however they're done. as you said, 74% of nra members themselves are for universal background checks and a vast majority of the gun owners themselves. normal people understand that everyone ought to be selected so that they're not a criminal, they don't have a history of mental illness that's been reported. those people shouldn't have guns and everyone in america practically agrees. >> let me transition to what's happening with chuck hagel and the senate. i want your perspective in that our first team says that this is a reminder for all that future legislative fights and nominations battles will perhaps
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be reflected in what we're seeing with chuck hagel and the filibuster and that, in their words, let's stop pretending this will change any time soon. there are tea leaves to be read in the chuck hagel nomination in hold and what we might see with immigration, gun control and other legislation the democrats and the president would like to see move ahead? >> well, i'll tell you, it really says to me that i wish that the senate had done something more about the filibuster and not allowing the republicans to abuse and overuse it as they have. >> but wasn't it harry reid and the democrats who didn't want to do more about the filibuster for fear when the table turned they didn't have the option? >> we've seen from republicans when the tables turn they'll do anything they want it do and do it quickly in order to press their own agenda. so it is disappointing. but having said that, the republicans are now saying, oh, no, this isn't a filibuster, this is just slowing the process down. we're going to do it on our own
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timetable but we are going to do it. chuck hagel will be the secretary of defense. so it's just an immature, i think, silly power play on their part. they're going to approve him but they want to drag it out. and i think it may be -- it may be a prelude to what's going to come. >> speaking of this evenings dr out, the sequester, the republicans have put a plan in $110 billion in cuts. an article says speaker boehner really is a point where he has a you-first attitude towards democrats and republicans. he wants to see what the democrats and president will put forth because of the hard-fought battles he's faced with his own caucus. >> well, the senate has now put together a plan, the house, our ranking member on the budget committee has put out a bill to do it. here's the problem, tamron, the problem is the republicans don't want one penny more from people
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and corporations that can afford to pay more. they don't want one cent in new revenue. we simply can't accept that. the middle class and poor people have tightened their belt so much already. and that's why we're at a standstill right now. it's another manufactured crisis by the republicans to hold up actually moving our country forward. the impact of sequestration is devastating, even for a short while. >> congresswoman schakowsky, it's a great pleasure talking with you again. joining me, lynn, the president in his hometown. we know pendleton was killed just a few miles from the president's home, her family seated with the first lady. the most emotional part of the state of the union, that rallying cry the president had at the end there. what do you expect from him today? >> i do expect him to make a
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personal acknowledgement because the high school that he's speaking at, tamron, as you know from having lived in chicago, the hyde park academy is close to his home, close to the park where he was murdered. i would expect he would say something to that. but the kinds of laws that obama is pushing i would expect him to relate it to the chicago situation because those are specific things that could help as congresswoman schakowsky said is to try and stop the flow of guns into chicago. i would expect obama to touch on all those things and to pay yet another tribute to this 15-year-old girl who died in a way and a place and time that made it so personal to mr. and mrs. obama, who was at her funeral in chicago last saturday. >> chris, to lynn's point, there's been a lot of talks of
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background checks as far as mental health, high capacity magazines, military assault-tile weapons. with chicago you have the sort of circumstances that you draw your eye to gun trafficking and people being able to purchase at gun shows, the gun show loopholes pip want to play what wayne lapierre said yesterday to the president's state of the union pip wa union. i want to get your rear action on the other side. >> it's not about keeping kids safe at school. that wasn't even mentioned in the president's speech. they only care about their decades-long, decades-old gun control agenda. the president has taken the art of public deception and manipulation to a whole new level. >> if people agree with wayne lapierre and given what the president has said and others who are actual gun owners but who are in favor of, for example, universal background checks, what if anything can be said, in your opinion, at this point to persuade people who
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believe the president and some others are just waiting to take away their guns? >> may i go? this is why wayne lapierre is just wrong. senator durbin had a hearing on the second amendment this week and he made or one of his witnesses made the point when you talk about cracking down on purchasers, that's a document issue. this is not about the second amendment, not taking away anyone's guns. it's just if you sign a document saying i'm the purchaser of the gun, it's just like any document you sign for a loan. if you are offense or straw purchaser, if you lie or a criminal, you're going to face a penalty. he's wrong. it's not always about second amendment. there's nothing obama has said that would make you think you're going to lose a gun. >> in that room there are people nodding their head yes.
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what can be said at this point to persuade those folks this is not a secret agenda or what wayne lapierre referred to as deception or manipulation? >> to be honest, i'm not sure blah can be said. the premise of his argument is false. if there's been a decade-long war perpetrated against the second amendment, i must have been sleeping the last decade. it hasn't existed. and i work for an senator with -- >> senator joe mansion. >> will it solve it completely? no. when you're talking about folks like wayne lapierre, they have a conspiratorial vision. democrats cannot say it any clearer. we do not want to take people's gun rights away. how do we keep guns out of the hands of criminals and those who shouldn't have them?
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when you have enormous loopholes that allow individuals through private transactions to evade or ignore some kind of background check, that's an enormous problem. closing the loop hoholeloophole solve the entire gun issue, no? but it's a specific forward. but those who lead the nra are never going to agree to that. >> since you brought up joe manchion, why hasn't he come out and admonished that op-ed from wayne lapierre yesterday and specifically said the wording of the president's deception and manipulation, why not come out and say this is wrong, he's an nra member, a rating to your point, and perhaps those who believe even a sliver of that would be convinced when they hear someone like joe manchion
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step up? >> i don't work for joe anymore. i think we have an own us of responsibility to make it clear to nra members we're not going to destroy the second amendment, we respect it but at the same time to push back very hard against the leaders in the nra when they use rhetoric that is absolutely false, that is based on i would say lies. there is no basis whatsoever for them to suggest that there has been this decades-long agenda by democrats, let alone this president to go after the second amendment. it's not true. >> i want to take you to the situation with chuck hagel. this is what the president said during this google plus chat regarding this unprecedented movement that we've seen from the republicans regarding hagel's nomination. let's play it. >> there's nothing in the constitution that says that somebody should get 60 votes. there are only a handful of instances in which there's been any kind of filibuster of anybody for a cabinet position in our history.
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and what seems to be happening, and this has been growing over time, is the republican minority in the senate seemed to think that the rule now is that you have to have 60 votes for everything. well, that's not the rule. >> 60 votes for everything not the rule. let's go past chuck hagel, lynn and chris, and look at other legislation. how do you assess what the president said and looking ahead to some big things that need to be done? lynn? >> well, the whole theme of the obama state of the union when he said guns measure deserves a vote. that's not how congress works. obama is asking for the exception, not the rules. they have a bunch of rules that try to prevent votes. in the senate the obama team probably should have seen that republicans could have used the 60 votes against hagel, as they have. therefore, the big task for obama is to try to get a pledge from boehner, it will be very,
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very, very hard to do, zwrous get his measures that he's favors in his agenda to the floor of the house. that is very hard since boehner controls everything. >> chris, the exception, not the rule? but it seems that the rule these days is exactly what we are seeing. >> when it comes to i think big pieces of legislation or big issues, it is the rule. if you're talking about sequestration, a good example, it's going to require 60 votes for a deal to get through the senate, which basically means the proposal the democrats came up with just a few days ago is more or less dead in the water. >> right. >> immigration may be a little bit difference, i think there will be more republicans willing to kind of come along. but in terms of addressing the big problems in the country, we're a prisoner to the process of the rules in the senate and that's unfortunately not going to change for good and bad and right now it's bad because we have big problems in this country we're facing and it doesn't seem like we can get anything done unless it
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basically is what the republicans want. >> chris, lynn, thank you very much. have a good weekend. >> you, too. >> coming up, john mccain's admission on why some republicans blocked chuck hagel's vote. >> there's a lot of ill will towards senator hagel because when he was a republican, he attacked president bush mercilessly. >> so is it payback? we'll have much more on what mccain had to say and when a vote might take place. plus, the latest on the near live 1,000 people injured today from a meteorite that exploded over russia and nasa is at this minute tracking an asteroid that is set to fly by earth in about five minutes. the closest to earth. about five minutes from now. join our conversation on twitter. you can find out @tamronhall and
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more now on the republican filibuster of chuck hagel's nomination of secretary of defense. after republicans delayed the nomination for at least ten days citing concerns about benghazi and his personal finances, senator john mccain admitted the reason for the filibuster for some ultimately may be personal. >> there's a lot of ill will towards senator hagel because when he was a republican, he attacked president bush mercilessly, was very anti-his own party and people. people don't forget that. >> the president is standing firmly behind hagel.
2:20 pm
politico says he has, quote, gone all in on the nomination. >> gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> absolutely. this is john mccain the maverick. he got the nickname "the maverick" not after "top gun" but because he stood up against his party. now he's saying when you go against the party, you may suffer ultimately years later as in the case of chuck hagel. >> look, a lot of republicans, including mccain myself don't really consider hagel a republican anymore. it has a lot to do with the way he went after the iraq war back when iraq was the dominant issue in washington. remember, mccain was the chief proponent in the senate for the iraq war surge in 2007 and hagel was its biggest critic. >> but manu, how do they not consider him a republican anymore when it was john mccain who was nearly booed off stage when he brought up um grags
2:21 pm
refor -- immigration reform. and thus he abandoned the notion of a comprehensive reform there. does he identify with chuck hagel? both have seen the bitter pill they've had to swallow from their own party. >> look, relationships matter a lot in the senate. this is a situation where a republican has really frayed relations with many members in his own party because of the stances he took in iraq and on other issues. remember, tamron, a lot of these republican senators who voted against him didn't serve with chuck hagel. it's a very new, younger republican conference. they really only know him from the anti-iraq positions that he took, as well as some of the other thing he's did, such as endorsing deb fisher's opponent.
2:22 pm
>> to that point, roger, the senator was on msnbc earlier today. here what's he said. it has nothing to do with the personal issues laid out by senator mccain. let me play it. >> this doesn't have anything to do with a grudge. this has something to do with picking the best person to be the leader of the largest defense organization in the world. he's not the right guy for dod. he's well to the left of the policies of the obama administration. >> so, michael, the president says he's all in. earlier this week chuck hagel's brother indicated he does not plan to withdraw his name. so where do you believe this will go? >> you know, it's a great question. i think everything you've been airing is actually valid. i this it's true that republicans are angry with hagel partly because they feel like he sort of betrayed the party. it happens on both sides.
2:23 pm
when joe lieberman said some things the democrats didn't like, he wasn't exactly welcomed into his own party. it's not a way to make friends in washington. there's a certain amount of healthiness in people being willing to challenge their own party but it does tend to cost them. my guess if senator hagel continues to work hard on refining and correcting on what he said on iran policy, for example, where he did have some problems in his hearings and democrats admit that, too, if he spells out a bit more of his thinking on sequestration and what defense cuts he thinks would be acceptable and what cuts may be too far, he may have to stayin ga iengaged in the po debate to get the few republicans he needs to get to 60 votes. i think it probably will ultimately work. you know, this is some real strong opposition, no doubt. >> let me read a little bit of the "new york times" op-ed. it says "the most dishonest aspect of this debacle was that republicans denied they were
2:24 pm
filibustering, claiming they were wanting to prolong debate for a while and all major vote require 60 supporters. that of course is the very definition of the filibuster, now so routine republicans can no longer acknowledge what they're doing. your reaction to that, manu? >> republicans are in a difficult position because they did oaf potion hagel for a number of reasons but they were worried about taking that position. ne know once you -- they know once you set a precedence, it can come back to bite you. they know they're not going to kill his nomination. it's difficult because they don't like hagel and they don't know exactly how far to go. >> if he does get confirmed and goes ahead, is he a damaged secretary of defense? >> i think the events that are happening in washington with sequestration looming are
2:25 pm
frankly so big, that whether he's damaged or not, whether he came in on a perfect tail wind or came in damaged, he's going to prove his mettle on how he handles the next few weeks. big are things will quickly take over because we had such big issues before us. the kind of things that will happen to the department of defense if sequestration occurs is so bigs how he manages that will trump what's happening now. >> i appreciate you gentlemen joining me. thank you. >> coming up, oscar pistorius breaks down in his first court appearance as prosecutors say they'll charge him with premeditated murder in the death of his girl friend. >> plus, congressman steve cone clears up confusion to a
2:26 pm
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it's specific treatment for diabetic nerve pain. to hear more of phyllis's story, visit the family of the olympic track star accused of murdering his model girl friend has released a statement disputing the charge against him, in part saying they dispute in the strongest terms. making his first court appearance at a packed hearing in south africa this morning, oscar pistorius was crying and at one point buried his heads in his hands. the prosecutor had to tell him to calm down. the 26-year-old double amputee is expected to apply for bail. that hearing has been postponed until tuesday. michelle, why was this hearing postponed? was it at the request of his attorneys? >> reporter: this was a
2:30 pm
jarringly emotional scene today. this is a man the world is used to seeing with his head held high, winning medals, making history. at times today he was sobbing openly in court, at times uncontrollably, burying his head in his hands as he heard the charge read out loud of murder. prosecutors are calling this premeditated. we know that his girl friend, model reeva steenkamp was shot four times in the head and body. there have been these reports coming out early on apparently originating from pistorius's neighbors that this may have been self-defense, was this some kind of case of mistaken identity, that steenkamp could possibly have been mistaken for, say, an intruder in pistorius's house.
2:31 pm
police dismiss this. they say there were reports of showing at the house earlier that night. there are number of reports apparently originating with the neighbors that steenkamp may have been found in a bathroom of pistorius's home and she may have been shot through the bathroom door. one neighbor told the press he saw bullet holes through that bathroom door. when we talked to a legal expert down here, could this be a defense of self-defense or mistaken identity and that could be very well the way that this goes. the expert felt that it would be difficult probably in court to justify that level of force if the possible intruder was indeed closed behind, say, a bathroom door. at any rate, pistorius is still in police custody and he will be until that tuesday bond hearing at least. tamron? >> all right, thank you. let me bring in four-time olympic medallist otto boldin, also an nbc track and field analyst. you know oscar very well, you see him breaking down in court.
2:32 pm
but the headlines today, "the new york post," rage catches up to oscar pistorius. there's an ex-girl friend, samantha taylor, who dated him for 18 months, she told the newspaper oscar certainly is not what people think he is. there are all these drips about this alleged past that may have included some acts of rage. what do you know? >> i feel like in the last 24 hours the tide has sort of turned in terms of public sentiment as regards oscar pistorius because it seems like at the beginning everybody wanted to believe, hey, this might have been, you know, as she said a valentine's day surprise gone horribly wrong. but when you have somebody who has, we assume, intimate knowledge of oscar pistorius telling all of south africa that, you know, this is not -- he's not as -- the guy that you think you know because you see him in ads and on television, it not exactly the guy that he was to me.
2:33 pm
>> obviously justice works differently as far as what he's able to say. the family released a statement. but in court he's sobbing but no official word from i guess his p.r. people or i don't know how you would even go about handling this. some would assume by now there would be some clear statement from his family or representative that he thought she was an intruder or something to that effect and we have not heard that. that doesn't mean guilt or innocence but it's interesting strategy here. >> i have been waiting to see if there was going to be some statement, as you said, to that effect. i think the strongest thing that we've heard is a statement which says that, you know, essentially we deny this in the strongest possible terms. this alleged murder. as you said, that's from the family. that's not from the p.r. side and certainly not from the legal side just yet. >> his attorney saying something. quickly, nike as pulled their pistorius ad from the web site,
2:34 pm
his picture with the tag line "i am the bullet in the chamber." nike facing another situation with a star athlete that they are now tied up in. >> i can tell you where the origins of this are. it's not a secret that oscar pistorius has an affinity for guns. he's quoted for saying when i can't sleep, this is what i do. i'm sure this is a case of him suggesting this too n nike as opposed to the other way around. >> we have some breaking news. astronomers now say a 150-foot asteroid has safely passed by earth. plus from the state of the union to the unprecedented filibuster of chuck hagel, the week in review of all this evenings nat. and tennessee congressman steve
2:35 pm
cohen says his tweets to a woman during the state of the union were not sent to a romantic interest. they were actually sent to his daughter, a daughter he only learned about three years ago. cohen had originally said he sent those texts to a family friend. people have been watching the state of the union, they saw him send out a text. there had been speculation that he was flirting with this woman because he said that i love you in the tweet. turns out it was his daughter. and is president obama ready to put the penny out with the trash? here's what he said yesterday in a google plus chat when asked if the government should stop minting them. >> we remember our piggy banks and counting up all our pennies and taking them in and getting a dollar bill or a couple dollars from them. maybe that's the reason why people haven't gotten around to it. but any time we're spending more money on something that people don't actually use, that's an example of certainly we should probably change.
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[ male announcer ] find out what a hospital stay could really cost you at now to the news nation political postscript. dominating the headlines this week, the holdup over hagel's nomination, the battle over gun control continues, the battle of the state of the union and you can't forget senator marco ru o rubio's thirsty response. >> grow the middle class, grow the middle class, build new ladders of opportunity into the middle class. >> grow the middle class. >> nothing has frustrated me more than false choices like the one the president laid out tonight. the choice isn't just between big government and big business. what we need is an accountable, efficient and effective
2:40 pm
government. >> gabby giffords deserves a vote. the families of newtown deserve a vote. the families of aurora deserve a vote. >> it was only a few weeks ago when they were marketing their anti-gun agenda about keeping safe school children. the president has it and the art of public deception and manipulation to a whole new level on this one. >> it's the first time in the history of our country that a presidential nominee for secretary of defense has been filibustered. what a shame. >> know the debate on chuck hagel is not over. it has not been serious. >> i'm going to hit you and knipe hitting you. you're not going to get away without answering basic questions. >> joining me now, mollie ball, the reporter for "the atlantic." what do you make what we face next week?
2:41 pm
>> oh, wow. well, wasn't sure if that's where you were going with what's coming up. >> it's a big question. i give you all the options. we know the sequester, we know that chuck hagel's vote should be approaching again. i give you a wide range. >> well, i think you're right that those are going to be it would have the big things going on in politics next week. we've got the whole week to chew over had hagel week. it's not going to come up again until the following week. the whole what on earth are the republicans thinking with this move, which they say is not a filibuster and not intended to stop the nomination, but nonetheless is making a big scene, delaying something, stopping something, see what that's about. the democrats have put together a proposal for the sequester. the republicans say it's unacceptable. there has not been anything in way the meaningful discussion by way of both sides coming to the table. everyone is expecting for the
2:42 pm
most part those cuts and sequestration are going to happen. >> the president in the google plus chat talked about 60 not being the rule. this holdoff for hagel represents so much more because it is, as they put it, something that legislation and other nominations will face by this president and in this congress. >> yeah, we'll have to see. we certainly have not seen every nominee subject to this treatment. do i think there a lot of factors both substantive and more political having to do with the hagel nomination that sort of all came together in a perfect storm in this particular case. it may not be the case that we're going to see this kind of fight every single time. but it is going to hurt hagel when and if and i think it's a when, he does eventually take up that office in the pentagon. it's definitely poisoning the well in some regard, given i
2:43 pm
think the president had hoped to make a fresh start and seek accommodation in the beginning of his second term. this is not going to make anything easier on the other negotiations that are coming. >> molly, thank you very much. greatly appreciate you joining us for the postscript. we'll see you soon. >> thank you. >> president obama just arrived in his hometown of chicago. in just about an hour, the president is expected to talk about gun control at a high school there not far from his home. up next, i'll talk to a woman whose pregnant sister and her brother-in-law were gunned down by a 16-year-old in chicago. what is she hoping to hear from this president today? lobsterfest is the king of all promotions. there's nothing like our grilled lobster and lobster tacos. the bar harbor bake is really worth trying. [ male announcer ] get more during red lobster's lobsterfest. with the year's largest selection of mouth-watering lobster entrees. like our delicious lobster lover's dream, featuring two kinds of succulent lobster tails. or our savory, new grilled maine lobster and lobster tacos. it's back, but not for long.
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2:47 pm
the family of nancy bishop lankert. nancy was pregnant at the time the killer was 16, is now serving a life sentence. he had a history of mental illness. since he was too young to get a gun, officials say he stole the weapon used in the shooting. since the murder, nancy's sister, jennifer, has been a staunch gun control advocate. she was among hundreds in washington this week urging congress to pass stricter gun control laws. thank you so much for joining us. we're so absolutely sorry for the loss of your sister and your brother-in-law and of course their baby. what do you want to hear from the president today, jennifer? >> i want to hear him keep saying the this evenings hengs saying about the importance of universal background checks, banning assault weapons. there is so much we can do to
2:48 pm
end this needless, staggering blad sh bloodshed in this country. right now it's like going to the airport and being offered a choice of going through the security line and getting searched or you can go through that line and not get searched at all and either way get into the airport. it's ridiculous the system we have now. we need these universal background checks and other measures. they are life saving and they don't in any way interfere with people's rights to own guns. >> you have some who have looked at newtown and say the legislation would not have prevented it because the guns were legally purchased. perhaps a mental health background check but this was in the home. what legislation would be
2:49 pm
effective in those situations, do you believe? >> you know, legislation does make a difference. this is a really important thing for people to understand. other countries have guns but don't have the problems that we do, at least no the sheer size that we do. so laws do make a difference. for example, safe storage laws would have saved my sister's life. safe storage laws might have saved the lives of the children in newtown. certainly high capacity ammunition clips, it's unbelievable. i mean, i met the mother of christina taylor green, who was the little girl killed in tucson. she was killed with the 13th bullet. doesn't tell her that a high capacity ammunition clip ban wouldn't have been important. of course it would have been. >> jennifer, thank you very much. i know many have praised you for keeping the voice and memory of your sister and your brother-in-law alive. thank you. >> thank you. >> in other news that we're following today, a meteorite
2:50 pm
exploding over the russian sky injures thousands. that tops our story in our look around the news nation. look at that video. many were injured by the shock ways. scientists estimate the meteor its weighed 10 to 11 tons and entered the atmosphere at a speed of 33,000 miles an hour. and a 150 foot rock passed within 17,000 miles of earth, closer than some satellites. amazing video there, or a mock-up video anyway. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] research suggests cell health
2:51 pm
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a not so triumphant return for the carnival cruise ship "triumph." thousands are making their way home after finally reaching dock. investigators will try to figure out exactly what happened with that engine fire there. at least one group of passengers today, there was more bad news -- the bus broke down on their way home. mock p mark potter is live in mobile. can you imagine being on the bus that breaks down after the ship breaks down? now you have a lot of people talking about lawsuits. >> reporter: the group of people got off the ship, got on the bus, happily heading to new orleans, the bus breaks down. they have to wait 45 minutes to an hour, another bus comes in, they went to new orleans, overnighted and flew out on
2:55 pm
charters today. so all is well. it was another rough start. all passengers, by the way, will be getting their money back. they're being offered free tickets should they want to take another cruise. some say they'll never do that again, others say they will. and they are being offered $500. the ship is in dry dock. the company is inspecting it to sigh wh see what needs to be done to clean and fix it. the investigation is being led by a bohemian authority. the u.s. coast guard and national transportation safety board are also involved. coast guard personnel were on the ship as it was being brought to mobile to interview the passengers so they wouldn't be delayed getting off the ship at docking time. they'll also be talking to crew members. they're going to be looking into what caused the fire, how it was fought, what happened with the
2:56 pm
passengers, were drills followed, all of these sorts of things. ultimately a report will come out and then maybe some recommendations. the bottom line is that they're trying to make sure this does not happen again. >> all right, mark. thank you very much. and the compensation carnival is offering the passengers is our gut check. do you think they should get more? that does it for this edition of "news nation." it's our baby edition. jen, my producer, is going off to have her first baby. threw go. our new princess. -hi i'm terry. -i'm phyllis.
2:57 pm
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